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Supernatural: Long Distance Call

May 8th 2008 18:39


Beware the ringing phone…and the computer, and other forms of electronic communication on this episode of Supernatural!


Open on a man named Ben getting a phone call from a woman begging him to “come to me”. He tells her he can’t, his wife…she calls back again and again until Ben can’t take it anymore and rips the phone from the wall...


“Okay then. You win. I’m coming”


Ben shoots himself in the head.


Dean gets off the phone and tells Sam he was talking to Bobby on the phone.

Sam: So you two were talking about a case?

Dean: No we were actually talking about our feelings, and our favorite boy bands…

He continues to tell Sam about the guy who just blew his head off and the strange electrical storms that were happening at the time…actually there have been a lot of those happening lately wherever Dean goes…Sam argues that they’re already on a case. Remember? Trying to break Dean’s deal?

Dean argues that they can’t find Bela, they haven’t found a way to break the deal, and the Ruby told him flat out that nobody could save him. Sam doesn’t want to believe it. “Now you’re keeping secrets from me?” Dean just counters, “You really want to talk about who’s keeping secrets from who?” Good point. Guess Sam’s going to Ohio.

The boys talk to Ben’s wife and she tells him about the phone ripped from the wall. Sam goes to take a look. “SHA33” shows up on the caller ID around the time Ben died. Ben’s wife finally tells them Ben was talking to someone he kept calling “Linda”. When she picked up the phone though, there was no one on the other end, just static.

Dean does some research and finds out “Linda’s a babe, or was.” She and Ben were old high school flames. She was cremated.

Sam’s found out that “SHA33” is actually a phone number…a hundred year old phone number! They head on down to the phone company to check it out.

Phone company guy: We don’t get many folks from HQ down here.

Dean: Yes, well the main office mentioned there would be a lunch.

They’ll figure something out.

Sam and Dean are led down into the basement where they run into a lot of flies, junk food wrappers, and a guy named Stewy sitting in the middle of it not exactly doing his job…

Dean: Is that

Stewy: No…maybe.

Dean: Word to the wise, the platinum membership? Worth every penny.

Sam cuts in to ask Stewy about the phone number. When he blows them off, “sure let me just rearrange my life first”, Dean argues that, “you’ve got like six kinds of employee code violations down here, not to mention the sickening porn clogging up your hard drive.” He leans in threateningly. “When my partner says run the number, I suggest you run the number.”

Dean turns and grins at Sam as Stewy takes the number and runs it, Stewy is shocked to find that ten people have received calls from the same number in the past two weeks. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from though.

The boys split up and go door to door posing as phone company employees asking about strange calls, static…weird voices? Sam gets to one family where the daughter stares at him strangely as he talks to her dad. She follows him outside and tells him she knows he’s not from the phone company. She insists she didn’t hear anything even though Sam doesn’t ask her. He can tell that she has, and tells her that he’s been there, hearing and seeing things he can’t explain. Anyway…he starts to leave, and she stops him.

“Maybe…maybe I’ve been talking on the phone. With...with my mom..”

“That’s not so strange.”

“She’s dead. Like three years now dead.”

Sam assures her that she’s not crazy.

Meanwhile, Dean calls Sam to give him an update, hangs, up, and when the phone rings again, Dean picks it up expecting Sam.

“Yeah what?”



“Dean?...Dean is that you?”

Dean stops dead in his tracks. “Dad?”

Later at the hotel Dean tells Sam about the call.

Sam: Dad? You really think it was dad?

Dean: I don’t know, maybe.

Sam: What did he sound like?

Dean: Like Oprah. Dad, he sounded like Dad, what are you thinking?

All he heard was his name before the call dropped out….Finally Dean asks, “What if it really is Dad? What happens if he calls back?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do I say?”


“Hello? That’s what you come back with, ‘hello’?” Dean gets up to leave and still can’t believe it. “Hello?”

Dean leaves.


When Dean comes back, Sam's still at his computer.

Sam: After three hours I’ve found no reason why anything Supernatural would be happening here.

Dean: Wow, you know you’d think that a Stanford education and a high school hookup degree of 0.0 would produce better results than that.

Sam: Hilarious.

Dean just tells him that he’s been looking in the wrong places. While Sam’s been at his computer, Dean’s been checking out the motel pamphlet rack. He pulls out one about Thomas Edison.

Sam stares at him. “You’re kidding.”

Dean just smiles.

The brothers head on over to check out this Thomas Edison museum, where they get a tour by one of those “And we’re walking, we’re walking…” overly cheerful guides, and a close-up look at Edison’s “spirit phone.”

The guide continues to talk, air-quoting every other word and Dean frowns. Leaning over, he whispers to Sam, “What’s with the quotey fingers?”

“And we’re walking, and we’re walking…and we’re not touching that…and we’re walking…”

Sam and Dean aren’t. They stay behind to take a look at the so-called “spirit phone.” They’re not quite convinced (it’s not even plugged in!), but it’s the best lead they’ve got. Dean wonders that maybe it really is his dad.

Later that night as Sam sleeps, Dean sits on his bed waiting for another call. The phone rings.

It’s his dad again, asking Dean why he did it (as in sell his soul), and Dean tells him he was just doing what he told him to do, “I was looking out for Sammy like you told me.” His dad tells him that’s not what he wanted. “You’re my boy, I love you.” Dean tells him he’s sorry, but he doesn’t know how to stop it. His dad tells him that he knows a way out of his deal.


“The demon that holds your contract. He’s here. Now.”


The girl who was talking to her dead mother is now chatting with her online. Her mother (screen name: SHA33) tells her she wants her to “come to me”. When the girl tells her mother that she’s scared, she doesn’t want to do this anymore, SHA33 tells her it’s okay. She’s always with her.

Suddenly the computer goes out.

The girl sees the reflection of her mother standing behind her in the computer, she freaks out and jumps back, turning around. No one else is in the room.



Sam tells Dean about how freaked out the girl was (she called him), and Dean’s too preoccupied with his research. He really thinks his dad was right. He’s found a “heavy duty dark ages” exorcism that might actually kill the demon who holds his contract.

When Sam doesn’t get too excited, Dean can’t understand why he’s not jumping for joy. Sam tells him that’s he and Bobby have already checked it out, and there’s no proof that it can kill a demon. Dean argues that seeing as how their dad’s the only one who’s actually been downstairs, maybe he knows just a little bit more about this then they do? Sam sighs. Did Dad tell him where to find the demon?

Still angry, Dean tells him he’s waiting on the call. Sam sighs and tells his brother that he told Lainey (the girl freaked out about her mom) that he’d stop by, and Dean shoots back, “Oh good. Yeah, you go hang out with jailbait…Meanwhile I’ll be here, you know, getting ready to save my life.”

Dean can’t believe that after months of Sam only talking about saving him, their dad finally calls to give them the answer and he’s still butting heads with him? Sam argues that that’s not the point.

“The fact is, we have no hard proof here, Dean! After everything you’re still just going on blind faith!”

“Yeah, well maybe! You know, maybe that’s all I have, okay?!”

Dean finally calms down and Sam realizes how upset his brother really is. He asks him to please just don’t go anywhere while he’s gone. Sam leaves and Dean sits down, frustrated.


Sam goes to talk to Lainey, and she tells him how her mother first just started talking to her…and then started to tell her to do things…bad things.

Meanwhile, her little brother Simon gets a call on his play phone. “Hi mommy! Yeah I want to see you, where are you?”


Dean gets a call from his Dad again. “Dad? Where’s the demon?”


Lainey tells Sam that her mother wanted her to kill herself with her dad’s sleeping pills. Why would she do that?

“I mean just so that I could come to her?”

This catches Sam’s attention. “What’d you say?

“She wanted me to come to her.”

“No, no, no, how did she say it, exactly?”

“Come to me. Like a million times!”

“Laney?” Sam says very seriously. Something is definitely wrong. “That’s not your mother.”


Dean steps out of his car, pulls his bag out of the trunk, and heads for a house…


Sam tells Lainey not to answer the phone, don’t talk on the computer, nothing. She looks around, suddenly asking, “Where’s Simon?”


Dean enters the house. “Hello?”


Simon walks towards a busy street.


Dean shakes up the red spray-paint…


Simon walks into the road right in front of a big yellow truck and—BAM! Sam grabs him and pushes him out of the way just in time!

Sam gets back to his rental car and calls Dean. “Dean it’s not dad!”

“Then what is it?”

“A Crocata.”

“Is that a sandwich?”

Sam tells him that it’s some kind of scavenger who whispers “come to me” and lures you into the dark. Dean asks, “Don’t these things live in filth?” Yeah…the flies at the phone company!


Down at the phone company, Sam hurries downstairs but no one’s there. He spots Stewy coming out into the parking lot, calls Dean to tell him to hurry, then corners Stewy at his car. When Stewy asks if this is about the call waiting thing and begs Sam not to hurt him, Sam realizes a moment too late that Stewy’s not their Crocata.

Suddenly Sam gets hit on the head from behind and Stewy turns around. “Yeah! That’s what happens when you mess with the phone company!” He turns, laughing, to thank “Clark”, who “you’re welcome”s him by hitting him too.

Clark takes both Stewy and Sam and ties them to chairs in the phone company basement. Both Sam and Stewy try to get Clark to let Stewy go, but he hasn’t eaten much today, and he’s hungry.


Sam is helpless to do anything but watch as Clark kills Stewy, opens his freakishly pointed-teeth mouth, and sucks out Stewy’s soul.

Sam figures it out. “That last call with Dean. That was you, you lead me here.”

Clark smirks at him. “Some calls I make, some calls I take. But you have to admit I had you fooled for a while.” He laughs about the Edison phone thing, then puts his hand on the switchboard. When Sam asks what he’s doing he replies, “I’m killing your brother. Or some other guy, we’ll just have to see how it goes.”


The “other guy” gets a call from his daughter. Clearly shaken he tells her how sad it makes him when she calls. She easily answers, “I know daddy.” She’s only calling now because she knows who killed her. “The man who killed me? He’s at the house right now!”

“What are you saying?”

“He’s at the house, Daddy!” she says cheerfully, then adds in that creepy happy little girl voice, “He wants to kill you!”


Back in the phone company basement, Sam congratulates Clark on the trick with his dad. Clark answers that once he found out they were hunters, it was easy. He found Dean’s number, then Sam’s, then their dads…e-mails.

Clark steps up to Sam, pointing his pointy knife at him. “People think that stuff just gets erased. But it doesn’t.” Whispering now, he adds, “You’d be surprised how much of yourself is just floating out there, waiting to be plucked.”

Sam eyes the knife, arguing that Dean’s not going to fall for it. He’s not going to kill that guy. Clark simply answers, “Then the guy kills him.”


Dean gets ready at the guy’s house, jug of holy water ready…BAM! The guy fires his shotgun before entering, sending the jug flying towards the stairs. Holy water leaks down the wooden steps.

Dean glances quickly between the door and the emptying jug, then flies out the door as the guy is reloading his shotgun.

The fight is on!


Meanwhile, Sam’s at work on his bound wrists as Clark tells him how much easier technology has made his life. He used to have to spend weeks waiting in the forest to whisper into someone’s ear.

“Now when I get hungry, I simply have to make a phone call,” he says. “You’re all so connected.” He raises the knife. “But you’ve never been so alone.”

Clark opens his Crocata spiked mouth and raises the knife and—BAM! Sam slams into him.

Clark comes at him with the knife just as—


Dean slams the guy he’s fighting onto the floor over the trap he’s spray-painted on the floor. He starts to read the ancient incantation, and the guy just gets up and walks towards him.

“You do this to my daughter too?”

Dean is totally shocked! How’d he get out?! The guy continues to yell at Dean about how he killed his daughter, and Dean tries to tell him, “wait, this is a mista—”

Too late, he’s already lunging at Dean, ready to kill his daughter’s murderer!


Sam and Clark are fighting over the knife. It’s neck in neck…the knife is getting closer to Sam…hold on…push…BAM! Sam slams Clark into a long empty hook in the wall. Clark is dead.


Dean’s trying to tell his attacker that he didn’t kill his daughter, but guy just keeps punching him. Finally Dean grabs the shotgun and hits him. The guy falls back, near tears and Dean finally stands up to tell him that he’s really sorry, but he’s not the one who killed his daughter.

“Then what are you doing here?” the guy asks tearfully.

Tired and beaten, Dean just answers wearily, “I don’t know.”


Back at the hotel, Dean’s tending to his cuts as Sam walks in with his fair share of his own.

Dean: I see they’ve improved your face.

Sam: Right back at ya.

Guess the Crocota explained the flies…Sam tells Dean he’s sorry that it wasn’t Dad and Dean just admits that Sam was right on this one.

Sam: Naw, forget about it.

Dean: I can’t…I wanted to believe so badly that there was a way out of this. I mean, I’m staring down the barrel at this thing. You know? Hell…For real, forever, and I’m just…

Sam: Yeah…

After a moment, Dean finally admits, “I’m scared Sam. I’m really scared.”

It’s okay, Sam knows. Dean confesses that he was willing to believe anything. He laughs. “The last act of a desperate man?”

Sam points out that there’s nothing wrong with having hope. Dean argues that, “hope doesn’t get you jack squat. I can’t expect Dad to show up with some miracle at the last minute. I can’t expect anybody to, you know?”

Dean: The only person who can get me out of this thing is me.

Sam: ...And me.

Dean: *looks at Sam* .And me?

Sam: What?

Dean: Deep revelation, having a real moment here. That's what you come back with? 'And me'?

Sam: ...Do you want a poem-?

Dean: Moment's gone...Unbelievable...

Without looking at him Dean hands Sam a beer. They drink in silence, their half-smiles only barely masking their real fear…


Haha! That last part was hilarious! As always, great episode! Oddly enough I ended up getting two of those staticy-no-one-there-calls while writing this…*looks around* Um…yeah…let’s not think about that.

Random funny line of the day:

Dean’s cell phone message: This is Herman Munster, leave a message.
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2 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Kaysie

February 16th 2009 23:49
ha. that's weird.. in the movie "she's all that", there is a girl named Laney, who has a brother called Simon (younger), who live with their father, and their mom has died O_O


Comment by Meggie

February 16th 2009 23:54
Whoa, never thought about that before.

Thanks for stopping by Kaysie!

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