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Bones: Harbingers in the Fountain (5x01)

October 9th 2009 22:50

Bones comes back from Guatemala on the same day Booth finally gets the okay to come back to work. Before she can see him, however, she stops by to see Angela, who is there with her psychic. In her tarot cards, the psychic, Avalon (guest star Cyndi Lauper), reads that Booth and Bones have a deep connection. Bones finds it all ridiculous and rushes off to take a shower and get back to work.

Sweets meets with Booth to make sure that he’s really okay, after all when he woke up from his coma he thought he was married to Bones, and Bones assures him he is. When Sweets asks if there’s anything he misses from his coma life, Booth pauses, then answers that there is. Sweets is interested until Booth cracks a grin and answers, “The clothes!” Okay fine, Booth can go back to work.

When Bones arrives back at the lab, Cam asks if she wants to hug. Bones has no idea why she might want to hug, and instead heads up to the platform. Hodgins is there and doesn’t even ask before grabbing Bones into a big hug and welcoming her back. When she finally makes it to her office, Bones goes to sit on the couch and jumps up in surprise when she finds Booth laying on it. He jumps up and they both grab each other into an earnest welcome back hug. Booth tells her he was waiting to give her the great news: he’s back! And at 110 percent! Bones reminds him that there can actually be no better than 100 percent. Angela rushes in to tell them that there are a bunch of bodies under a fountain. How does she know this? Her psychic says so. Itching to get back to work, Booth thinks they should go check it out.

Booth and Bones arrive at the fountain to investigate, and while they’re searching (not really expecting to find anything), Bones asks Booth about his odd clothes. Booth answers that they’re standard FBI, but Bones reminds him that he’s not wearing his crazy socks. Booth forgot about his socks? *gasp!* Plus there’s no flashy tie or “Cocky” belt buckle. Booth denies that he forgot about his socks, insisting that he’s just trying to get back into the swing of things at his own pace. They argue about the psychic (she did after all know that in her book Bones was pregnant), and are interrupted by the finding of actual bodies under the fountain. Lots and lots of bodies.

Booth confides in Cam that…well, after the coma and all, he woke up and what he felt like he had with Bones in his coma dream. It all just felt so real! As he stumbles around to try and say what he’s trying to tell her, Cam just interrupts, “You’re in love with Dr. Brennan.” Booth doesn’t deny it, and Cam warns him to tread lightly. If he tells Bones he loves her and doesn’t, Bones will never recover.

Everyone’s brought into the site to help excavate the remains and collect evidence, and Bones still refuses to believe in the psychic. So is Caroline. But Sweets is starting to get convinced. Avalon did, after all, point him to his father’s watch he’d thought he’d lost—it was in the unclaimed goods at the FBI drycleaners in a jacket he forgot he even had. Yeah.

The clues and facial reconstruction lead them to Avalon. The first set of remains belong to her sister, who she thought was living in a secret underwater facility with a cult called Harbingers of a New Day. Avalon used to belong to them too. She tells them that she and her sister joined because Jenny, he sister, had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. In short, she was allergic to the world. Avalon was expelled because she went to an outside doctor, which wasn’t allowed. There was never any underwater facility. These people were killed for money.

Booth and Bones go to talk to the doctor who was approached to be the physician in the underwater utopia. He didn’t want to spend his whole life underwater working with “people who are allergic to the 20th century”. They tell him about the 12 bodies found and ask if they could see their medical records. The doctor requests a warrant since it’s a state funded clinic. He has to abide by the rules. When he asks how they connected him to the Harbingers, Booth just answers, “We have our own rules.”

Sweets shows up in Booth’s office, and Booth assures him he’s fine, his brain is fine, it’s all good. “Well,” Sweets answers, “I’ve been informed that your brain still thinks it’s in love with Dr. Brennan.” Booth things Cam ratted him out, but she didn’t. Sweets tells him he found out from Avalon, but “you told Cam?” Booth argues that Avalon finds Sweets’s watch, so how he just believes everything she says? Sweets is still back on the telling Cam he loved Bones thing. Sweets gets out his computer and shows Booth PET scans of his brains before, during, and after his coma. According to the scans, “before your operation you were not in love. After your operation, you were. Conclusion? Your feelings are not real and will fade away like every other symptom of your coma.“ He reminds Booth that Bones’s “hyper rationality is really just a cover for her vulnerable and sensitive core.” Sweets too warns Booth about telling Bones he loves her until he’s sure he does.

Hodgins finds out that the people of Harbingers were being poisoned. Aside from the skull with a big hole in it, the rest of the people were poisoned with antifreeze over time, which could easily be disguised as MSC. “And that ladies,” he tells Cam and Angela. “That is why they call me King of the Lab.” Angela insists that he’s the only one who does that. Hodgins doesn’t believe her.

As Avalon is lamenting over all that’s happened, Booth pulls out his PET scans and shows her where the neurosurgeons say love is in his brain. She cuts him off with a laugh, reminding him that they might know about his brain, “but they don’t know jack about your heart.” She pulls out her cards, telling him to cut the cards. He humors her and when she pulls out “The Devil” card, he insists that “she’s in terrible danger”. Booth reminds her that he’s still a cop, he knows when someone’s trying to get away. Avalon tells him to cuff her to the rail, whatever, just “go to her now”. She keeps insisting he go to her now, until Booth really does get worried. “Bones.” He rushes off. Avalon gets up and hails a taxi.

Meanwhile, Bones is back to see the doctor to tell him what they found. He tells her to come on back to his office and lock the door. “This isn’t the best neighborhood.” She starts down the hall to tell him about the poisoning, but he’s not in his office. She notices he was shredding the Harbinger files. Suddenly the doctor attacks Bones with a scalpel. She fights him off for a while, but he regains his footing and flies at her.

Booth busts the door open with a kick and shoots without hesitation. The doctor falls to the ground. Booth rushes over to make sure Bones is okay and finds the scalpel in her arm. She pulls it out herself, and Booth quickly puts his hand over it, holding her and assuring her that the ambulance is on the way. She weakly reminds him to put pressure on the wound, and Booth mutters a comforting, “I got it. I got it. Just relax. Just trust me, alright? I'll take care of you. Shhh, I got you. Breathe. I'll take care of you I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I got you baby…”

Caroline shows up in Booth’s office, noting the big amount of blood on Booth’s shirt. He tells her it’s Bones’s and that she’s okay, but he still feels bad for not getting there sooner. Caroline thinks the case is over, but Booth doesn’t. None of the remains were of the leader of the Harbingers. He thinks the doctor might have been working for him. Caroline rushes out. Avalon is still a suspect.

On meds, Bones goes to see if Avalon has run away. She hasn’t. The psychic is sitting at a table looking at her cards. She does a reading on Bones, pointing out that she’s rational and the only riddle she can’t solve is how someone could love her. Bones just laughs, and answers, “Well I’m beautiful and very intelligent.” “The answer to the question that you're afraid to say out loud,” Avalon answers, “Is…yes. He knows the truth of you, and he is dazzled by that truth.”

Angela and Sweets’s research leads Booth and Bones to the leader of Harbingers, Tom Fargood. who is now going by Alexander Gallo. He was ripping off retirement communities, and they can’t prove that he killed those people. Booth calls in his people to try to find the murder weapon (speargun) and the vehicle stolen ten years ago that Angela IDed in the video they found buried with the bodies. They need both to prove that Gallo is Fagood.

In an effort to get Gallo/Fargood’s DNA, Booth and Bones bring in Avalon, sitting her down next to him in the hall and asking, “Is this the man that killed your little sister?” Avalon attacks him and they get their DNA. It’s a match. That’s all good, but they still can’t prove that he murdered those people. Caroline points out that everything may add up in the lab all the time, but in real life you still lose some.

As Booth and Bones walk down the street, Bones is frustrated that Fargood is going to get away with murder. Booth tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about work, and when she asks what he does want to talk about, he hesitates.

“You alright?”

“Not really.”

He tells her that he has something in his heart that he’s been wanting to tell her, but Bones just argues that only blood is in his heart. She starts to go off on the ancient, but metaphoric concept of love, and Booth interrupts, “No I’ve been—ever since I woke up from my coma I’ve wanting to say something to you—about you.” He stops her.

She asks why he didn’t say anything earlier, and Booth tells her that he just wanted to finish this case to make sure that he was himself again. She asks if the fact that they didn’t close the case gave him any doubts, but he tells her that they did the best they could, but wait—“You don’t think I’m fully back?”

“No, I know you’re fully back.”

“You do?”

“Well you’re wearing your socks.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Suddenly a clown who’s been packing up on the street sets his briefcase down and squirts Booth in the eye with a fake flower.

“Oh no,” Bones says, preparing for Booth’s outburst. “He hates-oh, Booth—“ she holds out her arm. “Do not kill the clown.”

Suddenly, in a very uncharacteristic gesture, Booth just looks up and squeezes the clowns nose, laughing and thanking the clown. Bones can only stare at her partner as the clown walks off. She reminds Booth that he hates clowns, that he does not think that they’re funny, and Booth remembers that he shot a clown on an ice cream truck before his coma. Bones assures him that in a few weeks she’s sure he’ll remember that he hates clowns again.

“Yeah, in a few weeks…” Booth starts to walk off, but Bones stops him.

“What did you want to tell me?”

Booth turns to look at her, hesitates a moment, then answers, “That I love you.” When Bones just stares at him, he quickly adds, “In a professional, 'atta girl' kind of way.”

“'Atta girl' kind of way?” she asks, her alarmed expression slipping into a grin. “Right back at'cha Booth,” she tells him, punching his arm. “I love you too. 'Atta Boy.'” She laughs, and suddenly Caroline shows up in her car. “You two got a minute?”

As they all cram into her tiny car, Caroline tells them that they might not be able to get Fargood on murder, but they’ve got enough other stuff on him that’ll keep him in jail for a hundred years. Overjoyed, Booth leans over the seat and kisses her cheek.

“That’s right, you should kiss me,” Caroline answers. “What is wrong with you Seeley Booth?”

Booth arrests Fargood and Bones apologizes to Avalon for not being able to get him for her sister’s death. Avalon tells her that “sometimes you just gotta settle for second best.” Bones also apologizes for how they manipulated her into scratching Fargood’s face. Avalon just shrugs it off. It was rational, and underneath Bones’s rational exterior, Avalon tells her “you’re just as crazy as I am! And that’s a compliment.” Bones doesn’t think it sounds like it. Booth walks over to tell Bones that this is the part where they usually go get a drink, and Avalon assures them that they’re going to keep doing what they always do.

“Sometimes you gotta settle for second best,” Booth tells her. Bones doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“By the way,” Avalon tells them. “My cards tell me that this all works out eventually.”

“Oh,” Booth answers, watching her walk away. “Really?”

Bones looks at him. “What all works out?” Booth just looks at her and walks off. “What?” she calls out, following him. “What all works out eventually?

Booth: I am back baby! Huh? Special Agent Seely Joseph Booth.


Bones:: If you were reinstated today, then why are you dressed like a furniture mover?


Hodgins: Everybody poops. They even wrote a book about it.


Bones:: (about Angela, to Booth) Oh, she's being you and herself....I'm not sure why....


Caroline: You were there. You killed the bad guy dead. I know you hate that, but it always makes me a little glad. Does that make me a bad person?


Bones: (Avalon) Well, they gave me medication. So I feel how I imagine people of average intelligence feel, all the time.


Avalon Harmonia: The riddle you can't solve is how... somebody could love you.

Bones: (laughs) Well I'm, beautiful and very intelligent.

Avalon Harmonia: The answer to the question that you're afraid to say out loud is... yes. He knows the truth of you, and he is dazzled by that truth.


Avalon Harmonia: The man whose life you saved is really excited to see you again.

Bones: No, I don't save lives. People are already dead when I get to them.


Booth: (cradling Bones after she got hurt) I got it. I got it. Just relax. Just trust me, alright? I'll take care of you. Shhh, I got you. Breathe. I'll take care of you I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I got you baby…


Hodgins: OH, I'm happy personally and professionally. You know unsolved murders have gone up a thousand percent since you left.

Bones: I find that hard to believe.

Hodgins: Rough estimate. Welcome back!


Booth: Yes! We're back.

Bones: You're the one who told me never to look happy at a crime scene.

Booth: Right. We'll look happy after we find out who did this horrible crime and get them behind bars.

Bones: Right.


Hodgins: Isn't this great? Us, back together again. Chasing criminals.

Angela: Yeah. Pit full of mass murder victims. What's not to love.


Booth: All right, um. That place I went to. You know, in my coma dream, it was just - Bones and I were so real...

Cam: You're in love with Dr. Brennan.


Cam: My advice for what it's worth. Forget the bruised brain and go with the lion heart.

Booth: Right. Right. Yeah, and uh, tell Bones how I feel.

Cam: Yes. *Except* be sure about your feelings. Because if you crack that shell, and you change your mind, she'll die of loneliness before she'll ever trust anyone again.


Booth: I'm sorry, Ang. You know it's... my first case back. You know it's been a long day. Maybe I got something to prove. Sorry, you look - you look beautiful.

(Angela chuckles and kisses him on the forehead)

Bones: Oh. Would you like *me* to kiss you on the forehead too?

Booth: Sure.


Sweets: (opens computer) You know what you’re lookin’ at?

Booth: Yeah, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t been this close to one in a long time.

Sweets: It’s a PET scan of your brain.

Booth: Hmm, then I was wrong.


Sweets: Now, I think you and I both know Dr. Brennan's hyper rationality is really just a cover for her vulnerable and sensitive core.

Booth: Oh great. So we're talking about Bones's brains too here.

Sweets: So if you breach those defenses and you don't really love her... Left you hard copies.


Hodgins: And that ladies, *that* is why they call me "King of the Lab."

Angela: Nobody does that but you.


Booth: Whatdya got?

Hodgins: What I got are multiple degrees in botany, geology and entomology.


Avalon Harmonia: [to Booth] Let the neurosurgeons have your brain. They know about your brain. They don't know Jack about your heart!


Caroline: I don’t believe in psychics.

Sweets: Well neither did I—do I, present tense.


Caroline: That's a lot of blood.

Booth: I'm fine. This is Bones's blood.

Caroline: That's supposed to be good?

Booth: She's fine. They fixed her and uh, sent her home.


Avalon Harmonia: The world scares you. So you wrap it up neatly in bonds of reason, education and proof. All riddles are solvable to you, except for one.

Bones: Yes. The riddle of how you knew where your sister was buried.

Avalon Harmonia: No, the riddle you can't solve is how somebody can love you.

Bones: Well I'm beautiful and very intelligent.

Avalon Harmonia: The answer to the question that you're afraid to say out loud is: yes. He knows the truth about you. And he is dazzled by that truth.


Caroline: That was sneaky.

Bones:: Is sneaky good or bad?

Caroline: Good. If it holds up in the court.

Cam: Next time, make it look like you're taking advantage of the situation, not scripting it.


Avalon Harmonia: The card say only your top layer is rational Underneath, you're as *crazy* as I am. (laughs) And that's a compliment.

Bones: Doesn't sound like one.


Bones: What did you want to tell me?

Booth: That I love you... In a professional, 'atta girl' kind of way.

Bones: 'Atta girl' kind of way? Right back at'cha Booth. I love you too. 'Atta Boy.'

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