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This week's Scene is doubling as this week's Song as well, because both were so awesome! It's the Supernatural musical version of Kansas's "Carry On My Wayward Son", which was featured in "Fan Fiction".

(SPOILER ALERT: Don't watch past the song if you've not seen the whole episode, because the end has a major spoiler. )

The whole soundtrack from the 200th episode is available on iTunes HERE. "I'll Just Wait Here Then" is available for free from WaterTower Music HERE.


'Galavant' Premiere Date

November 6th 2014 22:12
ABC's new medieval musical comedy Galavant, which will be filling in during the eight weeks Once Upon A Time is on winter hiatus, has an official premiere date finally: Sunday, January 4 at 8/7c. Check out a sneak peek below!


Supernatural: Paper Moon (10x04)

November 6th 2014 22:05

Sam and Dean try to get back into the swing of things with what starts out as your basic werewolf case and turns into something they didn’t expect.

Dean: Hey, something I needed to ask you.

Sam: Shoot.

Dean: You've been...Kicked, bit, scratched, stabbed, possessed, killed... And you sprain your friggin' elbow?

Sam: Dude, it was more than a sprain. All right? And it was a friggin' demon, but...

Dean: But what? That sling come with a slice of crybaby pie on the side? (chuckles) Please.


Dean: Taking some “we time.” Best decision we ever made.

Sam: Here that.


Dean: Or... We could be in and out. It's a milk run.

Sam: Right, because that happens never.


Sheriff: Hell, seen raccoons in rec rooms and bears in swimming pools. But this? You tell me.

Dean: Yeah. (Sheriff waits) …Oh. Well, uh... Where do we start? What with, uh...Logging.

Sam: Ice caps.

Dean: Bitcoin. Yeah….Obama.


Dean: Hearts missing. Sounds wolfy to me, right?

Sam: Yeah. Pretty brazen, even for a werewolf.


Kate: It's not like anyone gave me a handbook on how to be a werewolf.


Dean: I just figured, since we're opening up veins that maybe you'd want to talk about the guy who you made sell his soul.

Sam: The guy who you then killed, right? I mean, that's the same guy we're talking about?

Dean: I was a demon.

Sam: Oh, you were a demon? Oh, I didn't realize that.


Kate: My sister is a werewolf because I turned her into one.


Kate: I was a werewolf. And then, of course, there was you two. What if you showed up and tried to kill me?


Sam: Dude, what are you doing? There is no cure.

Dean: There's one.

Sam: Dean, it's a little more complicated than that.

Dean: Kate and Tasha are monsters, okay? Last I checked, we kill monsters.

Sam: Right, but how can you possibly blame Kate for fighting for her sister? We do it all the time.

Dean: Well, yeah, and that's worked wonders for us.

Sam: Well, we're still here, aren't we?

Dean: Yeah, but is it right? I mean, all that you've done for me, I've still got this Mark.

Sam: And we'll figure that out. We always do. But you can't take whatever's happened to us or to you and -- and dump it at these girls' feet.

Dean: All right, so, what? You wanna nuance this thing? Hit me. What's your plan?


Sam: I gotta tell you something. I, uh... I lied about Lester.

Dean: What?

Sam: There were others.

Dean: Other humans?

Sam: No. No, no. And -- and I'm sure there were a few hunters I rubbed -- or I...punched the wrong way, but...No. I pretty much saved my best stuff for the bad guys. But you gotta understand something, Dean. I watched you die. And I carried you. I carried your corpse into your room, and I put your dead body on your bed, and then you just...

Dean: (sighs) Yeah.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: I know. I guess I was hoping that note would, you know, fill in the blanks.

Sam: “Don't look for me”? That note? Yeah, that was really informative. Thanks.

Dean: Yeah. I...

Sam: What?

Dean: It's embarrassing, you know?

Sam: W-what's embarrassing?

Dean: All of it. You know, the -- the -- that note. Crowley. Everything.

Sam: Dean, you were a demon.

Dean: I was a demon? Oh, thanks. I didn't -- I didn't realize.

Sam: (chuckles) Shut up.

Dean: Not to mention, I never even said “thank you”" so...

Sam: You don't ever have to say that, not to me.

Dean: Well... Good. Then I guess... Guess it's all gravy. Little R&R and we are back at it.


Sam: So maybe it's a good thing you didn't shoot her.

Dean: Really? You're gonna Monday morning quarterback this thing?


Sam: Maybe we jumped back in too fast. I mean, Dean, you were a *demon*. You still have the Mark. Didn't you ever wanna talk about it?

Dean: Talk about it? Talk about it how?

Sam: Come on, man.

Dean: I *am* coming on, Sam. Look, I know what happened, okay? I was there. Remember? I'm not trying to get by it. I just... That's not what this was about.

Sam: Then what is this about?

Dean: About gettin' back in the saddle. Okay? Doing something good, not stewing in my own crap.


Dean: Let's say you're right.

Sam: About what?

Dean: Everything. Maybe I'm not ready to hunt. But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, 'cause I'm so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

“Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon


Here's an extended promo for the much-anticipated "musical-ish" 200th episode of Supernatural.


Supernatural: Soul Survivor (10x03)

November 6th 2014 21:32

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Once Upon A Time: Breaking Glass (4x05)

November 6th 2014 03:11

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November 6th 2014 02:56

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